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CIII believe that entrepreneurs don’t need a lot of information, they need targeted knowledge, experiential wisdom, peer-based learning environment, and program deliverables that advance the state of their start-up.

About Us

Confederation of Indian Innovators and Incubators is a Private incorporate which promote entrepreneurship in a self-supported, sustainable and scalable manner by creating a world-class institute. CIII is focused on incubating to accelerate the first mile and guiding the journey to the last mile. We create and grow companies. CIII work for the startup, entrepreneur, innovation, incubators, and also for finding the solution of any problems in business.


To promote entrepreneurship in a self-supported, sustainable and scalable manner by creating a world-class institute his institute model will be replicable and scalable across the country.


CIII Initiative has rolled out several programs with the objective of supporting entrepreneurs, building a robust startup ecosystem and transforming India into a country of job creators instead of job seekers.


We aim to provide a growth oriented yet sustainable environment to the start-ups we incubate and we realize this mission by providing these companies access to innovation lab, co-working space, shared services, training programs, events, mentors, co-founders, investors, and other services that will move them onto the fast track to success.


We craft to leverage the inherent skills, which enables to unleash the full potential of core competencies. Encouraging innovation in technology is a key point of ours. We love to experiment, innovate & play with technology, ensuring it helps create a unique differentiation from the crowd. We craft things with innovation for the next big Startups.

Our Experts

Knowledge, experience and competence on a specific domain that have been acquired through continuous learning and real world experiences make us unique. When we build a product or startup, our understanding of the depth and breadth of that domain makes a huge difference.



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IT Park Nagpur



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